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Most Popular Service - Back by Popular Demand - COMPUTER TUNE-UP's

Is your computer tired, slow or just plain sick? Maybe it's time to clean up or wipe your hard drive clean and have your computer reloaded. Reformatting your hard drive and reloading your operating system can help maximize the performance of your PC.

If your computer is acting funny, it's probably time to have it cleaned up. Your computer might have been victimised by virus, worm, malicious codes, spyware, adware, hijackware, system files corruptions or hardware fatigue or damage.

CISASB PC Clinic:-

Format the hard drive (client is responsible for backing up their data, we are not responsible for lost data as reformatting a hard drive wipes the computer clean) or we can for an additional fee for Data Backup, Reload Windows Operating System (client must provide legitimate software or Purchase the OS from us).

As part of the PC Clinic service, we will:-

- load provided device drivers (video and sound card drivers, cd burner drivers, modem drivers). If you do not have their device drivers we can load the most current ones to your system for an additional fee.

- configure Internet Service Connection and Email accounts.

- install and configure virus, spyware scanning software to your computer.

- run patches and updates of your loaded software to the latest via online updates.

- vacuum to remove stubborn dirt hampering cooling inside to computer case.

- identify any suspicious poor performance hardware and revert advice to you

Call us for free estimate/quote for repairs and hardware upgrades.

Need to speed up your computer with minimum cost?

Larger capacity Hard Drive?

Need More Memory? We all need more memory (RAM), but is it possible for your system to be upgraded anymore?

We would be glad to extend the usability of your system by installing more memory or a larger hard drive on your system, if it is still possible within economical means.

For gamers: frame rates, over-clocking - are they acceptable?

we can help with new video card installation and driver updates. We can also tweak and tune-up for optimum performance.

Also for an additional fee, we can provide a recovery CD set for your system - an investment for future easy and speedy recovery of a crashed system either by hardware or virus attack.